The latest wordpress update most probably changed the blog post codes on your blog post:

Look for code resembling the following:

In this case, viewing the blog code as it renders in the browser, the inlinkz script has been 

heavily   modified. The start and end tags are inside other tags (the <p> and <span>)

which while it is not bad itself, it shows that someone had a go with the code. 

Moreover, and this is why the code does not work, the main part of the script is inside

a CDATA tag which itself is commented out and closed improperly (with a &gt; instead

of a > )

All these are possible symptoms of your blog editor. 

Now, regarding the cure, you can either replace all the code with a fresh version 

from the inlinkz dashboard (and try using the new widget code as it is more "easy" 

on those kinds of editors) or, even better, try using the inlinkz wordpress plugin

for more info on how to install and use the wordpress plugin, you can click on the 

small help button on the right side of the respective option:

The plugin solution is optimal as it renders the code after any editor code so it is always

correct and unaffected by the editor's quirks