most probably, you have set to require a backlink from your entrants. This means that each entry that is submitted, should have a link pointing at your blog.  

In some cases, these links are not visible by inlinkz (e.g. when the blog uses the dynamic layouts of blogger). In those cases, the user is asked to acknowledge that her link will be under moderation.

What that means, is that her link is pending approval by you, until you decide that it has indeed played by the rules

This is just a fallback method in case something prevents InLinkz from checking the validity of the backlink.

What you can do:

* If you do not want any backlink checks, just disable the option. Open your inlinkz dashboard, edit the linkup

and go to the advanced options to uncheck the backlink requirement box:

* you will need to approve the moderated link from your dashboard: