Saving settings and creating memes

By following the described process you can create collections based on previously defined settings.

Note the drop down menu!

To support this feature, a drop down menu has been added. When you start using this tool, the menu is empty and only a "None" option is available. We will start by clicking the "Submit" button

Set your preferences

The settings page hasn’t been changed a lot. Enter the collection settings as usual

The meme field

You will notice though, that at the bottom of the page, "Meme name" and "Meme repeat rate" fields are available. If you don’t want to create a saved setting, just leave the name blank. 
In our example, we want to create a saved setting, so we fill this with eg. MondayMeme

Then press submit as usual. The collection script will be presented and the collection can be used in your pages. The only difference is that …..

A saved setting now is available

… when you create a new collection and select the MondayMeme from the drop down, its settings will be pre-inserted in your new collection.

Pre-set collection

Not only its settings are available in your newly created collection but start and end time have been adjusted accordingly (here, because the rate is weekly, the new collection is placed exactly one week later from the start time of the first collection.

Please note…

If you delete the "originating" collection, it removes it’s saved settings as well. E.g. if you remove "Meme Monday" collection, the option "MondayMeme" will not be available in the drp down menu.

If you edit the "originating" collection, it edits the saved settings too. !