There are cases where you would like, say 10 entries for a giveaway or 50 volunteers for a project or 500 beta testers. The roughest scenario would be the giveaway of a single product to the one that will enter his link faster than anybody else when the collection opens. Moreover, you could have a collection to gather 30 people that have e.g. the Silhouette but you wouldn’t like to leave it until it fills up but instead, close in one week regardless if the collection is full or not.

All these scenarios can be materialized with the newest feature addition in the InLinkz arsenal of capabilities. You can now set the numerical limit of the links.

The limit can be set after you have created a collection


Click on "edit collection" link

Select maximum number of entries


Values have been predefined to cover most situations. If you feel that we are missing a value, just drop us an email and we’ll be happy to add it.

How it displays


The information text mentions now that there are two rules that might close submissions. One when time passes and another when a number of links has been reached.
Once at least one of these is reached, the collection is automatically closed as usual.

Voting and limiting together


When time passes or link number exceeds target, the submissions close and no more links can be inserted. Then, the collection stands still until the voting time comes.