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Identifying which affiliate product is linked to

When I have 5 of the same product linked to 5 different affiliates I have to click on edit on each one in the project manager or check their links to know which affiliate it is for. It would be nice to know which affiliate it is linked to just by looking at them in my list in the project manager. 
Or maybe there is a way to do this already and I don't know how?

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Currently, the links on your dashboard (yours or shop ones)


1. is the shop/affiliate the link is from

2. is it yours? (or is it from a shop) . This is for search results so you know if you are using a link from your library or from a shop directly

3. Search similar links (which will produce results for the same product, across all the selected search sources). You can use that after finding a product you want, to locate the product on the other shops you are affiliated with

4. same here, in case there is a UPC code registered. If there is, the result is guaranteed to fetch the same product

The tags now can be added even to shop links. No need to save them on your library so to speak. Just add a tag to it and locate it easily

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Yay, that looks perfect!

Quick note to let you know that a closed facebook group has been created here:

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