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Alphabetizing links in a collection and adding links to multiple collections

 It would be nice to have an option to alphabetize all the links a collection just by checking a box in that collection. Links added to that collection would automatically be alphabetized

Also it would be nice to be able to add one link to multiple collections instead of going into each collection individually and adding the link. The reason I suggest this is because I use inlinkz to maintain a recipe index and am adding one link to multiple collections. Maybe, when the link is created have a button that brings up a box with all the collections with boxes that can be checked next to them. The link would then be added to whatever boxes are checked.

Doing both these things would make this site easier to use.

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Ability to add to multiple collections would be amazing!!!

Also, in addition to an alphabetizing option, sorting a collection by date would be helpful. Sometimes you prefer to show newer content first.

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