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Better layout & Improved Usability

I think the current layout of the project manager is outdated and makes it hard to use.

  1. Use the entire browser window. Thanks to todays high res displays, we can fit a ton more content into the window so we have to scroll less.
  2. Do away with the two column view of the products (where we search/drag them from). It's way too narrow, shows therefore too few products. Needs to be wider, or placed at the top of the window horizontally so we can see more at once.
  3. Make the window where we collect the products bigger (both in height and width) – it's so annoying to scroll in the search results and lose the position in the collection window too.
  4. Continuous scrolling in search results instead of pagination.
  5. Inline preview of search results (for Amazon, Simon Says Stamp, etc) instead of opening new tabs or browser windows.
  6. More robust handling of dragging into the collection window (often, items become "ghost" items – they are there, but not really and one has to exit the collection and come back again to get rid of "ghost items").
  7. Auto Save!

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Awesome! That's the type of feedback we really need ! 


These are all brilliant suggestions and you beat me to it as I wanted to ask for exactly the same things!!

I want to add to my request:

Right now, the details above the collection window (Name, description, comments, etc) take up WAY too much space. There's no need to have so much space between the fields (vertically), and it might even be useful to collapse that entire section once filled out.

This would allow the collection window to be high enough on the screen that I don't have to scroll down to be able to add to the end of it, which is the case now.

Additionally, the SAVE and CANCEL button should be ABOVE the collection window, again, to not force me to scroll down.

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