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Better ability to add custom affiliates

We need the ability to add different affiliates with different link structures.

(Also kill Captcha in the forums please :) )


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The new structure of the affiliate link manager part is quite flexible so it can handle anything you can throw at it. 

So, yes, we can add everything you like!

Just let us know what that is :)

Quick note to let you know that a closed facebook group has been created here:

for the interested parties. Please feel free to join the conversation

Captcha killed :) Hope we do not drown in blue pill ads :)

Regarding planed affiliates, the following are planed:

* Commission Junction

* Rakuten

* Zanox / Affiliate window

* custom shop affiliates that add something to the product url (e.g. aff=xxx or whatever in this form)\

There are others, less frequent but please let us know what you use so we can add them from day one. 

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