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Finding products again in the database

Hi, I've been using the project manager for a long time and love it. I use it to show the supplies I have used on my blog. I would really like to have the option of seeing more of the listings in a folder when searching for something to add to a collection (like in a windows format) to make things faster to add to a collection. Sometimes I have to go through lots of pages because I listed the item very early on - so the order is random based on when you added the item to the database not what it is - using search helps do this but I still have quite a few pages to search through after the search feature. You also need to be careful how you label the item and if you forget, it is easy to "lose" something. This could be helpful for people to know before they begin cataloging their stuff.

BTW hopefully all our databases will remain intact when you move to the newly created Project Manager!!! Yikes the thought of not having access to what  have ... doesn't bear thinking about.

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Yes!!! Folders, please!!! :) I have way too many pages to search through.

Of course, your databases are kept through the upgrade. I thought that didn't need mentioning :)

We are working on the search a lot! We do have a few users helping us and your own feedback is priceless. Keep it coming!

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