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Less Signing In

I have to sign in....WAYYYYYYY too often.  Multiple times in ONE day.  

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Yes, that is a major pain point of the current implementation. We'll keep you logged in for as much as possible. Do you really need to log out ? :)

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 Yes - indefinite cookie please! :)

Either a session that doesn't expire, or dynamic session expiry please! Dynamic session expiry is better for the security conscious ;)

It often logs me out while I building a collection so if I haven't saved it I lose everything. So yes, less logging in or remember me forever. :D


Thanks Maria! Is it dynamic session expiry? :)

Not completely dynamic as far as I can understand. It only takes the current time when you login and logs you out in a couple of months 

(unless of course you want to logout explicitly). 

I suppose this will work nicely for those product lists which you build from the bookmarklet (yes, you can do that too :)

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