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I'd like the links on my blog to change if I change the link in the project manager.

If they do...who knew!

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If you use the new widget code, currently, they do change when you edit them from the backend. 

Of course this will be available on the new version as well!

You mean like if you had a broken link in a collection so if you correct it, it would populate to your site? Oh my gosh, I would be all over that! Right now I have to redo my collections and repaste the code in my site to correct links. 

Hi Niki, 

This is already there, in the current version of the project manager. You just need to use the "new widget code" (not the new project manager's widget code :)

Apologies if I didn't explain correctly. 

Yay!  I do use the new widget code.  :)  Thanks for letting me know.  Sorry if I created any confusion.

I used to use the new widget code but prefer the cleaner look without the interactive elements. It would be great to have this feature on the other versions.

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What Debby said please! :) I like the short JS code (the second option we get currently) - but it doesn't work in e-mails :(

we are working on another solution for the emails which will be non-spammy (lots of links on emails increase the likelihood of being marked as spam) which will include the visual aspect of the list and without showing huge pictures the current widget is clean. will start with that for now and see what we can do to increase sales later. i suppose you wouldn't mind a couple of additional stuff for a 10% increase of sales? :)

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Sounds exciting Aris! :)

Quick note to let you know that a closed facebook group has been created here:

for the interested parties. Please feel free to join the conversation

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