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Clone list/template list

You can create templates or clone already used lists. 

This way you save LOTS of time. Start from a base set of products for the specific project and add the extras. 

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YES!!  My one most wanted feature.  Thank you!!

Love this option!


Yes, but it would definitely need a broken link checker!

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Please add some more videos about different features of Inlinkz - I am a visual learner and written instructions are sometimes not easy to interpret.

This would be my most important feature request: I have to add the same products to each list, and it's incredibly time consuming and annoying to have to do that manually several times a week. I would love to set up different templates as a starting point and then just duplicate them when needed.

Yes please!

Templates are in. You can just convert a list to a template. Then use the template to generate new lists. 

The template can be edited as well!

Maria, when/how do we see/use the new features?

In a couple of weeks. 

The site has changed name as well. It will be from the launch onwards

(and would really like your feedback about the name. Wouldn't like to bring you memories of

food instead of shopping :)

The links will be transferred over. Old lists will continue to work, and new lists will rock! 

Not sure I'm too fond of the name - it does make me think more of a supermarket than a linking tool!

How about EZLink or something like that? :)

Quick note to let you know that a closed facebook group has been created here:

for the interested parties. Please feel free to join the conversation

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