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Multiple shops in one link

The new widget will support right out of the box, multiple shops to shop from like in the example below: 

provided that you have access to the shops and/or set your affiliate ID with them

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Love it! Will 3 affiliate store be the max we can link one product to or can we do more than 3?
Can't wait till we can use the updated version! :)

NO LIMIT! Add as many as you can:)

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PS. a couple of weeks and you will be able to use it ;)

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Loving the look of this - well done guys! :)

Could you possibly add a screenshot in this ticket to show how we would set up our links in Inlinkz to use this feature? I know we'll see it in a couple of weeks anyway but I'm super intrigued and would like to see it now! :D We can then also feedback on the usability of it that way. :)

Yay, I can't wait to use this feature!!

Quick note to let you know that a closed facebook group has been created here:

for the interested parties. Please feel free to join the conversation

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