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Multiple shops in one link

The new widget will support right out of the box, multiple shops to shop from like in the example below: 

provided that you have access to the shops and/or set your affiliate ID with them

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Love this!

Yes, Yes, Yes!

I need this! I know we can currently link to 2 shops under one item but I'd love to see 3+ shops linked together.



This makes me happy! 

YES!! Thank you thank you *thank you*!!! <3 :D

Can this also be adjustable for colors, fonts etc to fit with our blog themes please :D

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What Debby said, please! :D

I Ditto what Debby and Taheerah said!


Adding to this request: I would like to SAVE links to 2 and more shops for one item, but need to be able to CHOOSE which one to display in a current collection. This is useful when you have several blogs with audience from different countries.

We are back with the beta!

Yes, it works and you can check it out here:


Moreover, for international shoppers, we plan on adding small flags on the icons of the shops. 

We could completely hide shops based on location but it is not the best of approaches. 

Looks good! My OCD does wish for a more uniform grid structure though.

Cool! thanks for the feedback!

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